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Strange Creatures 

Something strange is washing up on Worthing’s shores…   

On November 2, makeAMPLIFY will bring together 100 people to present Worthing’s biggest ever mass movement performance. Directed by award-winning choreographer Jennifer Irons and commissioned by Tide of Light, STRANGE CREATURES is a music, movement and light spectacular, performed entirely by local residents as the finale to this year’s Tide of Light Festival.


  Watch out Watch out. There’s a strange creature about this Halloween and beyond … It’s green and purple. Don’t be scared. Be curious. This strange extra-terrestrial jellyfish-esque creature has washed up on Worthing’s shores and is connecting communities through digital creativity. How? 

MakeAMPLIFY ( creates spectacular large-scale outdoor immersive events that transform public spaces and people into the extraordinary. They are creating an experience that no one has ever done before, that is making a mass-movement of augmented reality. Eminem and U2 are the only performers who have ever tried to use augmented reality in their performances before. MakeAMPLIFY are mixing augmented reality and live performance in a live setting; putting these two different worlds together.


So how does it all work? MakeAMPLIFY has created a green and purple strange creature using augmented reality (AR) which can transform your living room into a Sci Fi movie. The app was developed by Christopher Hunt from Creative Technologies and Zach Walker created the visuals. Once downloaded, strange creatures can enter your living room, your bedroom and in fact, any space you choose, both locally and globally, simply by downloading the free app called, oddly enough, Strange Creatures.


Our strange creature is extremely friendly and kind, and my cats were not at all phased by its presence. MakeAMPLIFY would like the community to make friends with this strange creature, to play with it, and test and share their photos and videos on Instagram #strangecreatures. Using your phone’s video screen capture, you can record movies of strange creatures as well as take photos. The possibilities are endless.


Zach’s idea is that once the community has downloaded the Strange Creatures app, they are invited to come along to the Tide of Light festival on 2nd November at Beach House Gardens in Worthing. (

Jennifer Irons, an award winning choreographer ( created a mass-movement piece as the finale to the Tide of Light Festival with a cast of 40 local community members.


At 7pm & 8pm on 2nd November, our Strange Creatures app community will join forces with our mass-movement dancing community. The audience will use their strange creature apps to photograph and video the Augmented Reality (AR) strange creatures and the dancing glow-in-the-dark strange creatures together.


Zach Walker said: “My aim is that together, we will create a mass-movement combination of AR and HUMAN strange creatures resulting in community-created surreal art, never achieved before! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the community to be part of something remarkable and unique but also a chance to witness the community coming together through creative technology. The best thing about this creative community building is that we are tapping in into creativity of everyone. This curious creative event is making art accessible to people who think they are not creative”.


Download the Strange Creatures app free today via your app store. Start practicing now! Don’t be shy, share your photos now. We can’t wait to see everyone practising. Then you will be ready for taking part at Worthing’s award-winning Tide of Light Festival on Sat 2 Nov! Be part of this totally free and amazing creative community event.


So what’s after the 2nd November? Zach has lots of new strange creatures’ ins store!

So stop texting and start creating! Keep calm and be strange!


Contact Vicky Vaughan on 07909 693172 or Zach Walker on 07984 193303 or  for further information.



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