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The Tide of Light Community Group aims to bring fun and creativity to the whole community, through engaging arts projects and health and well being activities based around recycling and illumination. At the heart of this is the huge illuminated parade in the Autumn which includes a free celebration along the Seafront and in Beach House Grounds.  

We are now 6 years old, and feel we have truly grown up with the community leading us. For 2019 we have an even brighter and more inclusive parade.  

The new Tide of Light will combine a parade and family friendly festival style party at Beach House Grounds by Splashpoint. We are shaping the parade to make it safer, more inclusive and much more of a visual spectacle. You can expect the usual mayhem but this year we’re making the parade easier to watch, take part in and follow.  

Beach House Grounds will become the festival base from which the parade will leave and return to and there will be some amazing gigs to be part of whether you are 3 or 93.   We have taken this decision knowing that, for a lot of you, coming to the parade and staying out for fireworks too is a big ask and that some of you purely come out just for either the parade or the fireworks. 

You may remember that this year we undertook a community survey and this showed us that 40% of you have been 3 or more times, so we really want to adapt to your feedback.
This is YOUR community event and majority of you have told us that you want the event to change.


You asked for it to be earlier and on a weekend
You asked for the parade to be bigger and better
You also told us that if the parade and festival style party happened without fireworks you would still come. 

This year we asking you to join the parade in groups, gangs, families, clubs or even on your own! There are only 2 rules, you or your lanterns must be moving in some way and lit up as brightly as you can! 





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