The Tide of Light could not go ahead without the support of the local community, businesses and volunteers

We’re proud of the fact that Tide of Light is a completely free and accessible event in Worthing, which means a lot of elements of the night hinges on the generosity of the local community, businesses, and kind volunteers. It’s the latter of these that we need your help with, Worthing. We’re looking for volunteers for Tide of Light! 

One of the areas we need help in on the day is crafting. The lantern making that happens at the Pavilion on the day is supported by volunteers, helping little ones put together their creations for the lantern parade. If you’re feeling crafty and would like to get involved on the day – get in touch!

The second is on the subject of safety – we need road marshalls! We’re very lucky to attract lots of firework fans and lantern lovers on the night, and they need to all be guided safely, which is where our road marshalls come in. If you are over 18, can rock a hi-vis and are happy to commit your time on Sunday 5th November, we want to hear from you!

Tide of Light really couldn’t take place without the help of generous volunteers, so we will be over the moon to hear from anyone who might be able to dedicate some time on Sunday 5th November. Drop us an email at to get the ball rolling.