Hello you Lovely People – despite a very inconvenient storm heading our way – we have been busy at Tide of Light HQ reorganising activities for today.

Thankfully @WorthingTheatres have relocated us to the bigger Assembly Halls and there will be music and crafting and a giant lantern exhibition for all to enjoy.

It was such a hard call to cancel the outdoor activities but the right one, here is the stage line up, now at the Assembly Rooms.

2pm doors open
MORE Radio and DJs
2.50 The Waggle
3.pm Megan Dynamic Dance
3.35 Dan Budd as Robbie Williams
4.30pm David Cleife as Frank Sinatra
5.00 Northbrook College
5.30pm Rock Choir
6.00 The Waggle
6.10pm Dan Bud as Robbie Williams
7.pm Strange Creatures Finale
See you at the Assembly Rooms

2pm Start and a 7pm finish and in between that we have Dan Budd as Robbie Williams, Rock Choir, Northbrook City Met College plus the very famous Worthing Waggle.

This will be a warm and snug afternoon inside away from the rain – we have crafting activities making lovely lanterns at 3pm and 5pm and all our giant lanterns will be on display. Come along for this free family festival and celebrate with everyone from the community who has been working hard on their lanterns.

See you Saturday 2pm onwards at The Assembly Halls

Saturday 2nd November 2019

Welcome to the Celebrations!

Tide of Light is a community led festival run in the Autumn. We are a bonkers parade and free festival celebration for everyone. Our aim is to bring a little bit of light to darkening nights, and get people celebrating together.

We aim to bring fun and creativity to the whole community, through engaging arts projects based around recycling and illumination. In the Autumn half term we then showcase the results in a huge illuminated parade and free celebration along the Seafront in Worthing Town Centre.

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Tide of Light
Tide of Light
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