is CHANGING in 2018!

We have some news for you!

We are now 5 years old, and feel we have truly grown up with the community leading us. Last year 40,000 people came into town to parade and party like no other night. To be honest, that scared the pants off us! So, after much consideration, Tide of Light 2018 will be changing...

We have decided to take our parade to a different date.

The Lions Charity will still be letting off the fireworks on Monday 5th November but the Tide of Light parade and party will be moving to

SATURDAY 27th OCTOBER, the last weekend of Half Term.

The new Tide of Light will combine a parade and family friendly festival style party at Beach House Grounds by Splashpoint.

We are shaping the parade to make it safer, more inclusive and much more of a visual spectacle. You can expect the usual mayhem but this year we’re making the parade easier to watch, take part in and follow. Beach House Grounds will become the festival base from which the parade will leave and return to and
there will be some amazing gigs to be part of whether you are 3 or 93.

We have taken this decision knowing that, for a lot of you, coming to the parade and staying out for fireworks too is a big ask and that some of you purely come out just for either the parade or the fireworks.

You may remember that this year we undertook a community survey and this showed us that 40% of you have been 3 or more times, so we really want to adapt to your feedback.
This is YOUR community event and majority of you have told us that you want the event to change.

 You asked for it to be earlier and on a weekend
 You asked for the parade to be bigger and better
 You also told us that if the parade and festival style party happened without fireworks you would still come.

But not all the decisions have been made - we’re going to ask something of you. This is the time to put in those final requests, we are happy to tweak the event to suit everyone so if you have
any burning desires to shape the event please give us your thoughts here on Facebook.

In late Spring we will be asking you to join the parade in groups, gangs, families, clubs or even on your own! There are only 2 rules, you or your lanterns must be moving in some way and lit up as brightly as you can.

This year we are all about celebrating ‘Circus’, so watch this space for more news from TOL HQ … coming
your way soon.

New venue, new date, and an even brighter
Tide of Light

On 27th October 2018, Beach House Grounds will be transformed into a family-friendly festival of lights, spilling out across our glorious town with illuminated parades, events, entertainment and more.

Tide of Light 2017 was amazing!

An estimated 40,000 people came to Worthing this year to party like no other party. That’s you lot you crazy bunch.

We could see the beach from the pier and it was packed for 2 miles in each direction. 40,000 happy faces illuminated by the full moon. It was quite a sight. We have evolved in 5 years to be the biggest event on the South Coast. That is no mean feat, and actually you have done that. By coming out in your thousands, supporting the event and taking part in all that goes on.

Thank you to all who helped who organised the night. Thanks also to our amazing sponsors and volunteers who actually bring the plans to life on the night making over 100 people working together to bring this party to town.

This event is truly a collective working together. We want your feedback, we want your views and we love the fact you’re talking about how to make it better, because rest assured, we will.

Thank you for being the most amazing town, you did us proud.