Remember, remember Sunday 5th November; when our town comes alive with a Tide of Light!

Worthing’s award winning Lantern Parade and Firework Festival weaves magic into firework night for all ages.

A fun, free firework festival

With the help of The Lions International Club, local businesses, and a team of volunteers, Tide of Light is designed for everyone in Worthing to enjoy, from the curious bystander, to the fervent firework fan. Each year there’s plenty to do, including the famous lantern parade, live music, street food, entertainment, a fun fair, a fantastic firework spectacle, and new for 2017 the ice rink was open in Steyne Gardens!

Tide of Light 2017 was AMAZING!

An estimated 40,000 people came to Worthing this year to party like no other party. That’s you lot you crazy bunch.

We could see the beach from the pier and it was packed for 2 miles in each direction. 40,000 happy faces illuminated by the full moon. It was quite a sight. We have evolved in 5 years to be the biggest event on the South Coast. That is no mean feat, and actually you have done that. By coming out in your thousands, supporting the event and taking part in all that goes on.

Thank you to all who helped who organised the night. Thanks also to our amazing sponsors and volunteers who actually bring the plans to life on the night making over 100 people working together to bring this party to town.

This event is truly a collective working together. We want your feedback, we want your views and we love the fact you’re talking about how to make it better, because rest assured, we will.

Thank you for being the most amazing town, you did us proud.


Some answers to common questions following the 2017 Tide of Light

Who is the event organised by?

The organisers of this event are called the Tide of Light Community Group and are made up of people from your community. We are non-profit and all volunteer our time. The Community Group organises all the logistics for the event. They are supported by the Lions Charity who pay for and organise the fireworks.

You will probably know at least one of the Community Group because they are at the heart of your community.

In no particular order they are
Roy Kelf, Claire Lemmon, Marc Woollard, Paul Batchelor, Kelly O’Haire, David Blann, Lisa Blann, Angela Hector, Jess Gilbert McHugh, Susie Pepper Smith, Colm Sweet, Tim Taylor, Dan Flanagan, Adam Seaman, Sharon Leppard, Alan Murrell, Patrick Melliott, Mike O’Hagan, Ed Watts, Nick Brewer, Richard Bradley, Frances Wetherilt

and of course the Worthing Lions Club

Why were the fireworks at 8pm?

The whole event is paid for by revenue secured by the group through fundraising and sponsorship. Mainly from our food traders and the funfair who pay a hefty amount up front without any guarantee of return.

We make the party last so these guys can make their money back and some, and why not. There is no shame in making a profit, In fact the whole town centre makes profit on that night, usually on a night when they may not be open at all. We celebrate the fact that you are helping to boost the economy of this town.

Our job is to make sure you have fun throughout the whole event and we’ve had the most fun in bringing you a crazy illuminated parade, a bonkers rave, fab food, live music all night, an actual fairy up a tree, light installations and a steam train.

We are also immensely proud that this event has remained free.

Why was it on a Sunday this year?

It’s the 5th November. That’s the tradition, it’s Fireworks night. The parade is always 6pm and the fireworks are always 8pm.